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We are...Canduit Ink. Welcome!

If you need words well written and aesthetically rendered, Canduit Incorporated can do it.

Graphic designers are everywhere! If you want a brochure, newsletter or marketing piece, you have more choices than you can shake a stick at. Just remember, establishing your message and brand requires two elements: content and design.

Most graphic designers focus on looks (design) and there's nothing wrong with that. Visual attraction is a prime factor in effectiveness, however, a cool logo isn't going to do a thing for you if your content is poorly written, ambigious or superfluous. All you've done is slather lipstick on a llama.

At Canduit Inc, we specialize in the bread and butter documents of the business world; forms, policies and procedures, handbooks and manuals and other longer printed materials. We have years of experience in creating content--everything from technical white papers to grant proposals to newsletters, brochures and press releases. After we've helped you establish a strong verbal foundation for your piece, we'll suit it up, letting the message drive the medium.

With Canduit Ink, your work will not only look good, it will read well and ultimately help you accomplish your goals