Newsletters are a great way to build brand recognition and stay in touch with your customers and clients. We'll help you design a newsletter that presents your organization in the best light possible and conveys information, builds loyalty and creates relationships to increase your sales and amplify your influence. If you want to send out your newsletter as an e-mail blast we can do that too.

We will:

  • Design a newsletter template that you or your staff can use over and over again if you want to produce your newsletter in-house.
  • Layout your content every month and send you a camera/print/electronic version ready to be e-mailed or printed.
  • Securely archive your newsletter templates to quickly make future revisions as needed.

Cost: Template Layout and Design. Typically includes cover page template, standard page template and last page template.

$35 page

Layout of future editions with content provided by customer and inserted into templates.

$10 page

Printing Costs: Quoted per job based on quantity, quality, color(s), stock, etc.