E-Mail and Social Media Graphics

Social Media and E-mail Blasts

You see them everyday in your in-box and on social media. Companies send good looking graphics to their customers, clients or interested parties full of eye catching information. The right media builds brand recognition, help notify clients or members of upcoming events, and helps cultivate and maintain customers. With built in links, recipients can click to your main website to gain additional information, log in to a web page or take advantage of special offers.

It's really not a matter of if, but when you will join the viral campaign. You need to be producing attractive ads, emails and memes and sending them to your customers just to keep up with your competitors. Canduit Ink can put together a great campaigns that you can send via e-mail or post through your social media sites that will increase awareness and drive sales.

We will:

  • Design attractive templates utilizing your logos, service marks or other brand identifiers through which you can deliver your information to your customers, patrons or members
  • Create and format your e-mail list into a data file to be utilized by email services to send customized e-mails.
  • Provide you with electronic versions of graphics that you can e-mail or post on social media yourself.
  • Send out your e-mails utilizing a mass mailing service if you'd rather not do it yourself.
  • Securely archive your templates so we can quickly make future revisions as needed.

Cost: Layout and Design Master Template

Blast Prices

Printing: No printing costs for electronic media!


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